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Home delivery has benefited restaurants all over the country, and business is booming! Customers have spoken and are demanding home delivery for their busy lifestyles. Home delivery by traditional eat-in restaurants has been increasing every year for the last 10 years. Restaurant delivery services (RDS's) are providing this service and reporting success all over the country. Lets bring some of that success to Fort Collins and provide customers with a great new alternative. Dial and Dine is just the company to do that. Here are some of the reasons why;


Dial and Dine is an easy service to use. The customer calls the restaurant to place their order just as they would to place a to go order. Alternately, they may order through the Dial and Dine web site with Google Checkout and Dial and Dine will phone in the order. In about 45 minutes to an hour the customer receives a hot fresh meal at their door. Other services down through the years have had confusing multiple step ordering processes. No complexity with Dial and Dine!


With Dial and Dine the customer pays the restaurant not the delivery service. The restaurant selects the type of payment that they wish to accept and Dial and Dine collects from the customer (cash, check, gift certificates, debit, or credit.) This eliminates confusion for the customer.


Dial and Dine offers the restaurant a value added service with home delivery. Your restaurant can offer delivery without the hassle of hiring drivers, liability, and micro management. Plain and simple home delivery increases sales! Dial and Dine offers additional advertising through print and web presence as well as other mediums. Not only will home delivery offer more sales out-of-restaurant, it will increase in-restaurant sales. When people find out how much they love your food at home they will have to come in and try it out with their friends!


At Dial and Dine we offer experience. We have a long history in the delivery business, and in the food industry. With our extensive experience, we have the ability to come up with easy solutions for seemingly complex problems. Other companies are run by fledgling entrepreneurs who often are entering into business for the first time.

We help your business thrive. Dial and Dine keeps it simple and affordable. Other companies ask for set up fees, we do not. Other companies charge a participation fees, we do not. Delivery can be a costly enterprise, but not through Dial and Dine. Our mission is to increase your profits. We can't succeed unless we make you more money.

Quick Facts

  • 20% of employed adults have lunch delivered each week
  • Over 1/3 of all dinner occasions involve foods prepared outside the home
  • Restaurant meals purchased for consumption at home has grown 79% since 2003
  • 41% of the public would use delivery from table service restaurants if it were available
  • 78% of chain restaurants offering delivery expect their delivery business to increase this year
  • Takeout & Delivery sales are expected to grow to $210 Billion by 2009
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    Monday thru Saturday
    11-2pm for lunch.
    5-9pm for dinner.

    Closed on Sunday.


    All Restaurants
    $4 Delivery Fee

    Unless otherwise specified.

    Please call if you have any problem ordering from the restaurant.